July 15, 2019 Stephen Copeman

Views on CAR-T cell therapy among oncologists

Most oncologists still have no experience with CAR-T cell therapy in the hospitals where they work – as CAR-T cell therapy is only available at a limited number of sites.

Some oncologists are concerned about older reports of severe side effects of CAR-T cell therapy – where patients required intensive care for lung or brain complications. However, risks of these complications are now greatly reduced.

Some oncologists are concerned that most cancer patients treated with CAR-T cell therapy so far have only obtained “partial” responses, and cancers have relapsed later (sometimes within a few months) despite any early response to CAR-T therapy.

But, responses to CAR-T cell therapy are improving all the time. Many patients treated with CAR-T cell therapy are now benefiting by their cancer being controlled for months or years. In the meantime, most patients do not require other cancer therapies – and are able to enjoy good quality of life, without spending much time in hospital.