Disclaimer related to services of ConnectGene limited

In relation to services of ConnectGene, please review the following information. Ensure you have had sufficient time to review and ask questions.

  1. ConnectGene will arrange review of your cancer, its treatment to date, and your general suitability for experimental genetic therapy of the cancer.
  2. If your cancer, its prior treatment and your circumstances are all suitable, ConnectGene will connect you with a treatment centre for genetic therapy, and cover the cost of that genetic therapy alone for an upfront fee.
  3. Complications of genetic therapy may include (but are not limited to) side effects of chemotherapy, failure of genetic therapy to control the cancer, severe and possibly fatal reactions affecting particularly the lungs and the nervous system, persisting damage to normal tissues, and/or later relapse.
  4. Medical consultations, any hospitalization, medication and/or procedures in conjunction with and in follow-up of genetic therapy are at the expense of the patient, and remain entirely separate to fees paid to ConnectGene.
  5. Travel, accommodation and meal expenses in association with genetic therapy and its follow-up are also at the expense of the patient. But, if requested, ConnectGene can advise patients re suitable arrangements.
  6. Where travel is involved in relation to genetic therapy, it is the sole responsibility of the patient to arrange appropriate visas and insurance.
  7. As genetic therapy for most cancers remains experimental, ConnectGene cannot give any warranty regarding this therapy as a treatment. Patients should consult their own doctor to arrange independent advice, if they wish.