Dr Michael Copeman

DPhil University of Oxford (PhD Cancer Research)
MBBS (Hons 1) & BA University of Sydney

Dr Copeman is ConnectGene's oncology specialist. He has been involved in cancer research and treatment since 1985. He studied medicine at the University of Sydney, and then completed a doctorate in cancer research at the University of Oxford. Dr Copeman trained first in children's cancer care, and then moved into adult cancer research and treatment.

Since 2000 Dr Copeman has lectured on new cancer medicines in 90 cities, across 30 countries around the world. He has provided advice about the development of new medicines to many of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies. Dr Copeman also operates The Copeman Clinic in Sydney, Australia, which aims to bring new tests and treatments for cancer to patients. He admits patients to Arcadia Hospital Warriewood and Manly Waters Private Hospital in Sydney.

Dr Copeman’s philosophy is that the patient comes first:

  • first in considering which tests to have;
  • first in considering what treatments to pursue; and
  • first in deciding where and how they want their care provided

Dr Copeman is a member of the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia, the American Societies of Clinical Oncology and of Haematology and the American Society of Paediatric Haematology / Oncology. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Meet The Team

Stephen Copeman

Stephen is ConnectGene’s business manager, overseeing operations to ensure patients receive the highest levels of care when choosing to embark on CAR-T cell therapy. Based in Hong Kong since 2011 and frequently travelling to mainland China, he has developed a thorough understanding of the dynamic changes occurring in the region, including in healthcare and technology.

A finance professional by background, he has been involved in assisting companies establish operations in the region, and advised global corporate and financial institutions operating in Hong Kong.

Arthur Fang

Arthur is ConnectGene’s Hong Kong and China liaison manager. Fluent in English, Cantonese and functional Mandarin, he assists with building and coordinating our network of China-based CAR-T cell therapy treatment providers and medical specialists, while ensuring patients’ needs are taken care of when they travel to China.

A Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) by training, he has been running his Hong Kong based clinic since 2012 which provides services to people with speech, language, social communication, and literacy issues. Outside the clinic, he lectures at the Education University of Hong Kong on Phonetics and Phonology, and Speech-Sound Disorders.

Why is ConnectGene based in Hong Kong?

A wide range of genetic testing, biotech laboratories, and excellent cancer treatment centres are available within 150km of Hong Kong. All three of these services are vital for the success of, and patient access to, CAR-T cell therapy.

Hong Kong has long been a dynamic city where new enterprises are encouraged and East meets West. In the last few decades technological development across the border in China has been among the most rapid and capable in the world. Importantly, costs in China remain significantly lower than in Western centres, yet Hong Kong, right next door, has among the best of eastern and western medical and technological expertise.

Therefore, by being based in Hong Kong, ConnectGene has direct access to high-tech genetic capability, leading cancer treatment facilities and excellent supportive care. With these critical elements for effective CAR-T cell therapy in place, Hong Kong is the appropriate and effective location for ConnectGene to serve its patients receiving care in China.